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High Frequency Online UPS 4K-10K

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Three-input single-output or single-input single-output UPS is a high-performance power frequency intelligent online uninterruptible power supply designed for data centers, network computer rooms, and intelligent precision equipment. Its high reliability is used for finance, communication, insurance, transportation, taxation , military, securities, energy, education, government, manufacturing, enterprises and other industries provide important power protection.

This series of products is an intelligent double-conversion online UPS, which adopts international advanced technologies such as advanced IGBT power devices, SPWM inverters with superior performance and intelligent multi-mode battery management technology, as well as rich power management software, with good cost performance. and user base, and can provide users with optional components such as isolation transformers, customized non-standard machines with special voltage and frequency, external chargers and SNMP adapters.

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System Features
WZD series medium-sized online UPS parallel redundancy adopts a double-conversion pure online architecture, which can block the impact of abnormal power supply on the load, and at the same time ensure the stability of the output and the safe operation of the load, which is the most effective solution. The optimal architecture design for all power problems, using digital control technology, realizes the functions of parallel expansion and parallel redundancy, and provides users with flexibility in power planning and a more secure guarantee. All you need to do is plan an appropriate UPS considering your actual power needs. In the future, if the corresponding power expansion is required due to the expansion of the equipment, it is only necessary to purchase the UPS of the expansion part and connect it in parallel to the original power system, which increases the flexibility of planning and greatly reduces the waste of investment. The N+1 parallel redundancy function means that there is one more UPS to provide protection for your important equipment at any time. When planning the power system, add one more than the rated capacity, so that when any UPS in the system fails, An additional UPS will enable the power system to continuously provide high-quality power for your important equipment, making the system more reliable. At the same time, the advanced current sharing technology enables each UPS in parallel operation to share the load current equally. , while improving the reliability of the system, it also prolongs the service life of the UPS.
WZD series medium-sized UPS applies advanced control technology, greatly improves the power factor, small size, light weight, DC start function, so that you can use the UPS without commercial power supply. The function of timing switch machine and remote monitoring function realizes the goal of unmanned operation. The powerful charging function is convenient for you to extend the backup time, and the intelligent charging mode can prolong the life of the battery and save money. Automatic restart function, so that you do not have to turn on the UPS in person after the UPS standby shutdown. Comprehensive functional design. Bring more convenience to your work.

Internal protection device


Automatic shutdown of battery low voltage. Automatic restart after mains recovery, small circuit breaker protection


Overload (120-150%) automatically transfers to bypass power supply after 60 seconds, and resumes after normal load

over temperature

UPS internal temperature > 85 ℃ automatically transfer to bypass

output short circuit

Current limiting, automatic shutdown, miniature circuit breaker protection

UPS is abnormal

Automatically transfer to bypass. The load is powered by the mains

Clutter filter

10-100KHZ at 40dB: 100KHz~ 100MHz  at 70dB

control panel

LCD display

Display UPS running status, input and output voltage; input and output frequency; battery voltage; output power (%); inverter temperature

Low battery indicator light

Lights up when battery voltage is low

Overload indicator

Lights up when overloaded

Fault indicator

Lights up when fault occurs

UPS status indicator

Mains mode; battery mode; inverter power supply; bypass power supply; UPS abnormal


Input and output wiring

Terminal block

Net weight (without battery)kg








Dimensions WxDxH(mm)

230x580x 700




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