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WZ-GZDW series DC power system

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WZ-GZDW series DC power supply system is an intelligent high-frequency switching DC power supply designed and produced by our company according to the needs of the power system; it is the basis for summarizing the advanced and mature design, operation experience and development trend in the field of DC power supply for power systems The new generation of DC power supply devices developed by the company is suitable for high-frequency switching DC systems and related supporting equipment of various substations. Its main performance features are stable operation, good anti-interference, small ripple coefficient and high technical precision. It is divided into two structural categories: single cabinet and split cabinet; the products are widely used in power plants, hydropower stations and various substations, switch stations, switch stations and user substations with different voltage levels from 500kV to 10kV, as circuit breakers The instrumentation, relay protection and emergency lighting in the switching and secondary circuit provide DC power supply. The system adopts the integrated design idea, which consists of monitoring module, rectifier module, insulation monitoring module, battery inspection module, switching value monitoring module, It has the characteristics of advanced technology, reasonable configuration, intelligent measurement and control, and easy operation. It can communicate with the host computer to easily realize the four remote functions of "telemetry, remote control, remote signaling, and remote adjustment", which is especially suitable for unattended needs.

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model:WZ-G Z D (w) □-□/□□


Wanzheng Power Co., Ltd.




DC power supply


For power system, for T-communication system


Microcomputer control type

Design Number

Battery capacity (1Ah), dual battery pack X2

Rated output voltage

battery type

System Features
■Using the unique modular design of high-frequency switching power supply, N+1 hot backup.
■Ultra-wide voltage input range, strong adaptability to power grid, and can be used in places with relatively harsh environment.
■The charging module can be plugged and unplugged with electricity, and it can be maintained online, which is convenient and quick.
■There are reliable lightning protection and electrical insulation protection measures to ensure system and personal safety.
■Adopt large-screen touch screen, dot-matrix liquid crystal display, CCFL backlight, and realize full Chinese real-time display and operation.
■The parameter query and setting of each part of the system can be carried out by touching the touch screen monitoring, the interface is friendly, the operation is convenient, and the man-machine dialogue operation is truly realized.
■The monitoring module can automatically complete the precise management of battery voltage, charge and discharge current and temperature compensation to ensure that the battery works in the best state and prolong the battery life.
■Using a distributed monitoring system with a microprocessor as the core, modular design, to implement all-round monitoring and control of the power system, as well as "four remotes" and unattended power systems.
■Battery management unit, real-time automatic monitoring of battery terminal voltage, charging and discharging current, and control of equalizing and floating charging of batteries, with functions such as battery overvoltage/undervoltage and charging overcurrent alarms.
■The software and hardware of the monitoring system adopts an open design, and the measurement and control parameters of the monitoring system can be added or modified at any time according to the different needs of users.
■A set of monitoring system supports the monitoring of two groups of battery packs, three groups of charging devices, and bus segment mode, which can realize the automatic charging management of two groups of batteries, and the two groups of batteries are completely independently managed to ensure the safety of the batteries.
■More than 95% of the main electrical components adopt well-known brands at home and abroad, and the quality is fully guaranteed.
■Provide two communication interfaces, RS232 and RS485, and three communication protocols of RTU, CDT and MODBUS. Note: Accident signal or warning signal alarm function and inverter power supply can be added according to user needs for DC/AC, DC/DC conversion

The main technical parameters

Rated output DC voltage 48V、110V、220V
Battery rated capacity 5--3000Ah
Power supply time after accident 1h
Rated current of conventional load bus (A) 5、10、15、20、25、30、35、40、45、50、60、70、80、100、160、180、200、250、315、400、630、800、1000、1250、1600、2000
Rated insulation voltage of each circuit in DC equipment DC 63V and above (48V system);DC 200V and above (110V system);

DC 300V and above (220V system);

Voltage regulation accuracy ≤±0.5%
Steady flow accuracy ≤±0.5% typical value 0.1%
Ripple factor ≤±0.05% Typical value 0.01%
Power bus voltage when closing ≥200V
Enclosure rating Not lower than IP30;
effectiveness n ≥90%;
power factor cosφ≥95%;
Current unbalance Current imbalance between charging modules≤±3%

The working principle of the system
The two mains are switched and input one AC to supply power to each charging module. The charging module converts the input three-phase alternating current into direct current, charges the battery, and supplies power to the closing bus (closed bus) load at the same time; After the module, supply power to the control bus (control bus) load
Each basic monitoring unit in the system is managed and controlled by the main monitoring unit, and the information collected by each basic monitoring unit is sent to the main monitoring unit through the communication line for unified management. and operation, the system information can also be connected to the remote monitoring system
In addition to the basic AC monitoring, DC monitoring, and switching value monitoring, the system can also be configured with insulation monitoring and battery inspection functions to comprehensively monitor the DC system.

System configuration selection

optional module

Configuration instructions

systems Manual

Monitoring module WZD series


This system is suitable for any wiring scheme including double battery and double charge, busbar segment.

Provide two-way AC incoming line, automatically switch the feeder output 5 control and 5 combination (can be configured according to needs, can be equipped with an independent feeder screen when there are many feeder outputs)

The system below 65AH can be combined into an integrated cabinet by using charging, feeding and battery.

The front door of the cabinet is equipped with aluminum alloy frame tempered glass, the rear door is a double door, and there is an exhaust and heat dissipation window on the top.

Note: Accident signal or warning signal alarm function, inverter power supply DC/AC, voltage conversion module DC/DC can be added according to user needs

Rectifier module WZD series

Buck silicon chain WZ-GL series

Battery inspection module WZ-XJ


Insulation monitoring module WZ-JY

Switch detection module WZ-KG

Inverter power module WZ-NB

DC conversion module WZ-DC/DC

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